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Closet Basket w/ Tracks

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Stainless Steel

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20 kg

Shipping Dimensions

480L x 864W x 140H

Product description

Closet basket with side-mounted BLUM soft-closing runners (made of hot dip galvanized strip). Basket material: 18.8 stainless steel.
Below: The internal width stated is measured from left to right of the basket including tracks. The external door size is an estimate.
Internal width: 414mm / External door size: 450mm (basket size w/o tracks: 368mmW x 480mmL x 140mmH)
Internal width: 464mm / External door size: 500mm (basket size w/o tracks: 418mmW x 480mmL x 140mmH)
Internal width: 564mm / External door size: 600mm (basket size w/o tracks: 518mmW x 480mmL x 140mmH)
Internal width: 764mm / External door size: 800mm (basket size w/o tracks: 718mmW x 480mmL x 140mmH)
Internal width: 864mm / External door size: 900mm (basket size w/o tracks: 818mmW x 480mmL x 140mmH)

Width: 368-818mm
Length: 480 mm
Height: 140mm
Stainless Steel

Care Instructions for Stainless Steel

  • Clean with soap or mild detergent and warm water
  • Rinse with clear water to remove any residue
  • Dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting
Delivery & Warranty

Free Delivery for Orders above $500

Installation $80


  • 3 Years (Component and parts)
Closet Basket w/ Tracks
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