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Warranty Policy

All furniture will come with a 1-year warranty, which serves as a pledge to provide better assurance for the quality of our products. Customers have the option to extend the products’ warranty coverage to 3 years. The warranty extension can be purchased together with the product when placing the online order.

It is our responsibility to perform an in-house quality check, deliver, assemble and install the furniture you have purchased. We assure you that the product you purchased will be received free of defects or abnormalities.


At Invis Furniture, customer experience and product quality are of utmost importance. To assuage doubts of poor quality, our warranty comprehensively covers aesthetic defects to non-human factors or non-natural disasters during the validity of the warranty period. The warranty will be valid for twelve (“12”) or thirty-six (″36) months, effective from the date of delivery. Invis Furniture’s decision on all claims, including without limitation whether there is a defect in the Product, warranty validity, and the cause of defect/failure, shall be conclusive and you agree to abide by such decision.


Kindly fill up the request form under “Product Returns” on our website. Our support team will contact you to process your request upon verification of all details of purchase and validity of warranty in the online application form.


Our warranty does not cover any conditions caused by:

  • Wear and tear caused by external or environmental causes, including accidents, exposure to the environment, abuse, misuse, flood, water/other liquid damage, air pollution, dirt, non-structural cracks and splits, etc.
  • The warranty does not apply to products used outdoors as our furniture is strictly meant for indoor use.
  • Variations in colour.
  • Improper installation and unauthorized modification which do not follow our guidelines.
  • Products not delivered by Invis Furniture.
  • Any misuse and/or failures caused by various human factors.

Last updated: September 2022

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