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Warranty Policy

• All tables from Invis Furniture will come with a lifetime warranty which is applicable for 10 years, apart from these all other products have a 3-year warranty period. which serves as a pledge to provide better assurance of the quality of our products.

• It is our responsibility to perform an in-house quality. We assure you that the product you purchased will be received free of defects or abnormalities


Invis Furniture Warranty Breakdown

At Invis Furniture, customer satisfaction and product quality are top priorities. To alleviate concerns about poor quality, their comprehensive warranty covers a range of defects and issues. Here's a breakdown of what's covered and for how long:

What is Covered

• Aesthetic Defects: Any defects that affect the appearance of the table, such as scratches, dents, or discoloration, are covered under the warranty. • Non-Human Factors: Defects or damage caused by non-human factors, such as manufacturing defects, material defects, or design flaws, are covered. • Non-Natural Disasters: Defects or damage caused by non-natural disasters are covered. • For 12 months from the date of delivery, the biller will be responsible for replacing any belt damage or issues with the mechanism and lock system, excluding transportation costs. • Any service required after the warranty period will only incur a charge for materials.

Warranty Period

• Tables and Bench and chairs: 120 months (10 years) • All other Invis products: 36 months (3 years) • Effective Date: The warranty starts from the date of delivery, not from the date of purchase.

Important Notes:

Invis Furniture's Decision is Final: Invis Furniture reserves the right to make the final decision on all warranty claims, including whether a defect exists, whether the warranty is valid, and the cause of the defect or failure. The customer agrees to abide by Invis Furniture's decision.


Kindly click the request button under each product order on our website dashboard. Our support team will contact you to process your request upon verification of all details of purchase and validity of warranty in the online application form.


Our warranty does not cover any conditions caused by:

  • Wear and tear caused by external or environmental causes, including accidents, exposure to the environment, abuse, misuse, flood, water/other liquid damage, air pollution, dirt, non-structural cracks and splits, etc.
  • External causes, e.g. damage caused due to transportation, in-course of processing/assembly, storage, atmospheric conditions and/or other natural events.
  • Improper operation or used with excessive loads
  • Variations in colour.
  • Improper installation and unauthorized modification which do not follow our guidelines.
  • Products not delivered by Invis Furniture.
  • Any misuse and/or failures caused by various human factors.
  • Removal or modification of the serial tags and/or part batch numbers; repairs to or interference with components.

Last updated: June 2024

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